Who we are

Feiba Engineering & Plants GmbH,
as a company is reliable and down to earth –
together with our highly motivated staff we work with passion and complete our projects without fail – with happy customers as our top priority. In doing so, we rely on a straightforward, no-nonsense approach, clear communication and sincere advice
– in every situation!

What we do

Feiba Engineering & Plants GmbH was founded in 2001. Since then, we have established ourselves in the field of automation of welding and joining processes. As an agile technology follower, we are the best contact for technology drivers in these areas. In this, consider us as a guarantee for productivity goals.

We take pride in the success we have had in the field of bodywork and plant engineering since 2001. This industry relies on high quality, and that is exactly what defines us as experts und suppliers for special purpose machines with up to 50 robots.

Our focus is on joining aluminum and steel components. State-of-the-art welding techniques and any other type of joining technique as well as punching, brushing or polishing etc.
are our daily business.

What we love

… to support you in the automation of your production right from the start – as problem solvers, finding solutions with a clear focus on your goals. Complex plants and prototypes?
Just bring them on!

What we are like

We help our customers to turn their visions into practice,
as we handle every project with a determined focus on finding solutions and reliably complete it.

As we are always open to new challenges,
we readily meet any requirements for innovation and new ideas.
Being a strong team, we prioritize a straightforward hands-on mentality, respect and solidarity.

Thus, we achieve sustainability in our work while remaining flexible.

Our effectiveness is based on supreme levels of consulting expertise and technical competence as well as on specialization in each area.

You want to get to know us? – Well, please do!

What makes us


creativity – for mastering tricky situations

problem solvers

focus on customers as top priority


partnerships lasting for decades

Our purpose

We strongly believe that we can keep companies in Europe competitive & give them more time,
by automating production.

We want to create more resources and freedom for companies with efficient automation solutions,
in order to keep Europe future-proof.